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Injury, Death Risk is high in Stockton Motorcycle Accidents

Lawyers at Sette Law appreciate the appeal of riding motorcycles in the Central Valley – plenty of great weather and many exhilarating rides in the region surrounding Stockton. Motorcycle accident lawyers also recognize the serious dangers surrounding this popular mode of transportation and fun in Stockton.
Personal injury lawyers refer to data collected by national and state agencies that documented a 175 percent increase in deaths due to motorcycle accidents over 10 years (1998-2008).  In 2012 the NHTSA reported that riders faced a 26 percent increased risk of death, according to miles traveled, than do people traveling in cars. Stockton motorcycle accident lawyers also note that public perception of motorcycle riders may be skewed, with officials sometimes assuming the rider was responsible for a crash. In handling numerous Stockton motorcycle accidents our lawyers know this assumption can be far from the truth.

Stockton Injury Lawyers say Motorcycle Riders at Bigger Risk
But, motorcycle riders must be aware they are in greater danger of serious harm from an accident in Stockton. Injury lawyers caution the margins for error are small on a motorcycle. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, driving at high speed, improper turns and driving while intoxicated are the top three causes of motorcycle accidents. Of course, these behaviors apply equally to car drivers in Stockton. Motorcycle accident lawyers refer to police reports, witnesses and accident scene evidence to establish liability for a crash in Stockton.

Motorcycle Accident lawyers advise riders to be aware of some startling statistics. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, in 2006 13.10 vehicles out of 100,000 were involved in fatal accidents. Comparable motorcycle crashes resulted in 72.34 percent deaths per 100,000 nationwide and comparably in Stockton.

Motorcycle accident Lawyers encourage Education for Riders in Stockton
Personal injury attorneys at Sette are alarmed at these statistics. It is clear that motorcycle riders must take extra precautions on the roads of Stockton. Our motorcycle accident lawyers believe education and training enhance safety, and we recommend the California Motorcyclist Safety program sponsored by the California Highway Patrol. This proven program equips riders with important skills and leads to a certificate that provides a waiver for the requirement that motorcycle riders take a Driving Skills Test at the DMV in Stockton.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers also point to NTHSA research that shows riders over the age of 40 were involved in 56 percent of fatal accidents across the U.S. and similarly in Stockton. Personal injury attorneys report that injuries to riders in this age group were also more severe, according to the 2012 study. Stockton accident lawyers tapped research from Brown University for reasons behind these numbers and found that the over-40 group tended to ride big motorcycles that are heavier and more prone to roll over. Researchers also attributed diminished vision and slower reaction times in older riders.
Stockton motorcycle accident lawyers note alarming statistics on the other end of the age spectrum. Young (and inexperienced) riders often choose Super-Sport-Bikes which are lighter, faster, powerful, and quickly reach high, dangerous speeds on roads in Stockton.  Motorcycle accident lawyers say riders on these youth-oriented bikes face a risk of death or injury that’s four-times high than for other model motorcycles in Stockton.

Personal injury attorneys at Sette see the devastating impacts of motorcycle accidents in Stockton. Our motorcycle accident lawyers urge riders to take advantage of the CHP training course and to ride with extreme awareness, as if your life depends on it!

Stockton Car Accident Lawyers watch as Recalls Widen

The scope of GM’s recall of 39 million vehicles widened recently as the National Highway Traffic safety Administration was drawn into the continuing saga. Stockton car accident lawyers at Sette Law report the NHTSA apparently knew about defective ignition switches that prevented airbags from inflating in certain GM models. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys say a recent report from Congress states the NTHSA knew about the problem in 2007 but failed to make those findings public until GM started its recalls in 2013. Many accidents and a mounting number of deaths have been attributed to this defect that includes cars across the nation and in Stockton.

Car accident lawyers have depended on reliable information from the NTHSA but, in light of this recent failure to report, many question the agency’s reliability. Further complicating this recent news for Stockton injury attorneys, is NTHSA’s award of a Five Star rating for the Chevy Cruze, recalled earlier this year because of an airbag defect. In light of this oversight, Stockton car accident lawyers must question the quality of NTHSA reports.

In its defense, NTHSA representatives say that GM obfuscated problems in its reporting to the agency. Allegedly, the car maker had a policy of not using the word “defect” in its communications with the NTHSA. The agency became unwittingly involved in a game of hide-and-seek, according to NTHSA spokesmen, thus keeping GM drivers ignorant of problems in cars nationwide and in Stockton. Our car accident lawyers take this breech of public trust seriously. The NTHSA has a responsibility to the driving public and now must restore trust for Sette’s Stockton injury attorneys.

Settlement Case may affect drivers in Stockton
Car accident lawyers are closely following a court decision related to the 2010 death of a woman driving a Chevy Cobalt. Before the airbag defect was disclosed by GM, the driver’s family settled with the car maker. However, Stockton injury lawyers say once the defect was public, the family returned to court to have the settlement overturned. The parents of the young driver stated their legal action is not related to money but to justice and public awareness for other families across the nation and in Stockton.
Injury attorneys representing the family retained engineers to examine the Chevy Cobalt’s switching mechanics. They discovered it had been redesigned to correct the defect that caused the young woman’s car to crash. Stockton car accident lawyers say this finding served as evidence in the family’s claim that GM was aware of the defect but failed to notify the public.

Our Stockton car accident lawyers report the court decided in favor of the family’s request to overturn the prior settlement. Stockton personal injury attorneys explain the next step will be legal action against GM by the grieving family. GM representatives expressed disappointment with the judge’s decision that will influence similar cases in Stockton.

Personal Injury Lawyers say GM Fights to Limit Damage Claims
The car maker that is now aligned with the biggest recall in automobile history continues to oppose some settlement claims according to Stockton car accident lawyers. In a 2006 crash in which the driver and a back seat passenger were killed when the front airbag failed to deploy, GM has refused to take responsibility for both deaths. The company accepts liability for the driver, but not for the passenger, saying the lack of a back seat airbag relieves them of responsibility. Stockton injury attorneys at Sette Law believe this treatment of victims’ families is a callous, corporate grab that inflicts further injury.
Our Stockton car accident lawyers anticipate a vigorous court battle in these and other issues surrounding a tragic drama that has gravely wounded one of America’s iconic car makers and led to death and injury for crash victims and their families.

Stockton Head Injury Lawyers on Alert

As the popularity in sports grows, our Stockton personal injury lawyers, note that concerns over head injuries are also on the rise – particularly in a sports-minded community like Stockton. Injury lawyers and the public have seen much of the focus regarding traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on football. However, now our Stockton head injury lawyers say the problem crosses the spectrum of sports activities.

Of particular interest is the recurrence of head injuries in soccer, a much loved sport in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers at Sette Law point out that “heading” is an accepted part of the game. Consequently, head protection in soccer can’t cause the game to be modified for players in Stockton. Our injury attorneys say protective head gear has, thus far, been ineffective or inappropriate to the game. A study done by McGill University in Canada, found that 60 percent of players on college teams had suffered concussions. That number was much higher than expected and certainly serves as a caution to soccer teams in Stockton.

Injury attorneys were also surprised to learn that TBI and concussions are now identified in cheerleading teams. Once a role played by energetic young women with bright smiles and pom-poms, cheer squads have morphed into nimble acrobats and gymnasts across America and in Stockton. Brain injury lawyers say high risk jumps and athletic routines increased the incidence of injury. 2010 Cheerleading data showed that almost 20 percent of injuries were to the neck and head. Stockton brain injury attorneys say that new safety guidelines have been issued to protect participants on college, high school, and competitive teams, including teams in Stockton. Our personal injury attorneys point out that not all rules are embraced by every organization from the public and private sectors. By their very nature, cheer teams strive for excellence and new routines, despite the risks, to dazzle audiences in Stockton.

Personal Injury Attorneys broaden TBI Scope
Of course, it’s the rough and tumble sports that are most identified with brain injuries in Stockton. Our injury lawyers handle football and soccer injuries that are direct contact sports and popular in Stockton. Our personal injury attorneys recognize that regulations for the protection of players are in development. However, there seems to be a failure of systems to reach agreement across the spectrum of organizations. In Stockton, injury attorneys say that different rules apply at different levels of participation. From college football to youth soccer and high school sports, there is no common standard for safety for athletes in Stockton. So, personal injury lawyers must follow multiple sports organizations and associations plus monitor lawsuits related to TBI across America and in Stockton. Injury lawyers at Sette Law support the development of sane and consistent regulations that safeguard athletes.