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Stockton Car Accident Lawyers watch as Recalls Widen

The scope of GM’s recall of 39 million vehicles widened recently as the National Highway Traffic safety Administration was drawn into the continuing saga. Stockton car accident lawyers at Sette Law report the NHTSA apparently knew about defective ignition switches that prevented airbags from inflating in certain GM models. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys say a recent report from Congress states the NTHSA knew about the problem in 2007 but failed to make those findings public until GM started its recalls in 2013. Many accidents and a mounting number of deaths have been attributed to this defect that includes cars across the nation and in Stockton.

Car accident lawyers have depended on reliable information from the NTHSA but, in light of this recent failure to report, many question the agency’s reliability. Further complicating this recent news for Stockton injury attorneys, is NTHSA’s award of a Five Star rating for the Chevy Cruze, recalled earlier this year because of an airbag defect. In light of this oversight, Stockton car accident lawyers must question the quality of NTHSA reports.

In its defense, NTHSA representatives say that GM obfuscated problems in its reporting to the agency. Allegedly, the car maker had a policy of not using the word “defect” in its communications with the NTHSA. The agency became unwittingly involved in a game of hide-and-seek, according to NTHSA spokesmen, thus keeping GM drivers ignorant of problems in cars nationwide and in Stockton. Our car accident lawyers take this breech of public trust seriously. The NTHSA has a responsibility to the driving public and now must restore trust for Sette’s Stockton injury attorneys.

Settlement Case may affect drivers in Stockton
Car accident lawyers are closely following a court decision related to the 2010 death of a woman driving a Chevy Cobalt. Before the airbag defect was disclosed by GM, the driver’s family settled with the car maker. However, Stockton injury lawyers say once the defect was public, the family returned to court to have the settlement overturned. The parents of the young driver stated their legal action is not related to money but to justice and public awareness for other families across the nation and in Stockton.
Injury attorneys representing the family retained engineers to examine the Chevy Cobalt’s switching mechanics. They discovered it had been redesigned to correct the defect that caused the young woman’s car to crash. Stockton car accident lawyers say this finding served as evidence in the family’s claim that GM was aware of the defect but failed to notify the public.

Our Stockton car accident lawyers report the court decided in favor of the family’s request to overturn the prior settlement. Stockton personal injury attorneys explain the next step will be legal action against GM by the grieving family. GM representatives expressed disappointment with the judge’s decision that will influence similar cases in Stockton.

Personal Injury Lawyers say GM Fights to Limit Damage Claims
The car maker that is now aligned with the biggest recall in automobile history continues to oppose some settlement claims according to Stockton car accident lawyers. In a 2006 crash in which the driver and a back seat passenger were killed when the front airbag failed to deploy, GM has refused to take responsibility for both deaths. The company accepts liability for the driver, but not for the passenger, saying the lack of a back seat airbag relieves them of responsibility. Stockton injury attorneys at Sette Law believe this treatment of victims’ families is a callous, corporate grab that inflicts further injury.
Our Stockton car accident lawyers anticipate a vigorous court battle in these and other issues surrounding a tragic drama that has gravely wounded one of America’s iconic car makers and led to death and injury for crash victims and their families.