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Stockton Personal Injury Lawyers look at Landmark Cases

In general, the importance of personal injury law has been underestimated by the public. At Sette Law, our Stockton personal injury attorneys share a common goal – to achieve financial justice for victims. We know that our niche of law is frequently mischaracterized and we’ll use today’s blog to highlight just a few of the landmark personal injury lawsuits that brought great benefit to victims and to the public at large. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers have dedicated years of education in this specialty so that victims can stand up to large corporate entities and prevail in court in Stockton.

Accident and personal injury lawyers provide a voice that speaks authoritatively in a court of law. We possess knowledge of prior personal injury cases and access to important court records that help support the victims of a personal injury in Stockton. Without personal injury lawyers with this breadth of experience, victims may be unable to gain just compensation – left with crushing medical bills and personal injuries that become a lifetime challenge.  When negligence, on behalf of a corporate entity or powerful individuals, causes grave personal injury, our lawyers can advocate for justice for Stockton personal injury victims. Of course, financial compensation will not heal the emotional scars suffered in a grave personal injury, but lifting financial burdens off the shoulders of the victim, is a step toward healing. And, it’s particularly gratifying when our Stockton personal injury attorneys litigate a case that has implications beyond an individual, positively impacting and protecting others.

Cases that Changed the Legal Landscape
Our Stockton personal injury attorneys are proud of colleagues across the nation who fought hard for justice for personal injury victims, eventually winning cases that impact entire communities and beyond. Most of these landmark personal injury lawsuits pitted a single individual against huge corporate entities with regiments of personal injury attorneys to defend to them.  Such high profile lawsuits not only require Stockton personal injury lawyers to argue against powerful, well compensated corporate attorneys, but to also do battle in the media and be adept at managing public perception. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys must also be prepared for a lengthy process that’s trying for ourselves and for the victim of a personal injury.

Because the case was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, the name of Erin Brockovich is familiar to many people in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers herald this case as one of many that shows the intrinsic value of personal injury law because the resulting $333 million settlement in 1993 also changed the practices of one of America’s largest utility companies – PG&E. The lawsuit charged the company had contaminated the drinking water in Hinkley, CA, with hexavalent chromium. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys report that Ms Brockovich did not stop there. She continued to seek out other instances in which communities suffered personal injury and health threats due to negligent corporate practices.

In the 1980s, the then-popular breast implants also impacted women throughout the U.S. and in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers learned that the silicone enhancements were known to rupture or leak, causing personal injury to women. A settlement based on product liability netted the plaintiff $200,000 in damages and another $1.2 million as punitive damages. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers say the breast implant issue heated up after TV personality Connie Chung aired a story in the 1990s, seen across America and in Stockton. Injury attorneys won a 1993 settlement that was claimed by 440,000 women – putting manufacturer Dow Corning into bankruptcy.

Yet another prominent case was litigated by John Edwards, a personal injury attorney who went on to serve as a member of Congress before losing his stature due to a personal scandal. Edwards presented a court case on behalf of a family whose child died when a swimming pool drain suctioned out most of the girl’s intestines. Although she survived, the severe personal injury changed her life forever. Up against the drain maker’s lawyers, Edwards eventually presented evidence the company had received numerous complaints that children had been caught in the suction. After hearing the evidence in the lengthy case, a jury awarded $25 million in the personal injury case – North Carolina’s biggest personal injury lawsuit in the state’s history. Consequently, children everywhere are protected against the company’s negligence across the nation and in Stockton because personal injury lawyers prevailed.

But, it’s the famous personal injury lawsuit against McDonald’s that most often comes to mind, according to our Stockton personal injury lawyers. It was 1992 and the fast-food chain had a policy of keeping it coffee at a maximum temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. A 72-year-old woman suffered a very serious personal injury when she spilled the coffee on her lap. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers remind us of the severity of her injuries – 22 percent of her body was scarred with up to third degree burns. After weeks in a hospital and skin graft surgery, a personal injury lawyer filed a lawsuit against the company. Doing research and interviewing experts in burns, the personal injury attorney established that 190 degree coffee can cause third degree burns in just two-to-four seconds. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers report that McDonald’s denied responsibility – and helped foment the idea that the personal injury lawyer had filed a frivolous action. However, the woman’s significant medical costs and disfigurement were compelling. In addition, her personal injury lawyer established that the company had received hundreds of complains about burns from its too-hot coffee. The personal injury lawyer prevailed and McDonald’s settled for an undisclosed amount.

Importantly, our Stockton personal injury lawyers point out that these cases not only brought some measure of justice to the personal injury victims, but also serve to protect the public in Stockton. When personal injury lawyers take on cases that may have broad implications they commit themselves to a long and costly legal battle against deep-pocket defendants. But the results of a victory that creates greater public safety and security for families in Stockton drive personal injury attorneys to accept the challenge and step into the legal battle.